Hurricane Wilma grew with unprecedented speed on Tuesday,moving from Category 2 to Category 4 in an hour, then toCategory 5 in another 2 hours. This massive storm now hassustained winds of 175 miles an hour, andappears to contain the lowest barometric pressure everrecorded. Normally, ahurricane will require 10 to 24 hours to increase by onecategory. The storm appears poised to enter the Gulf ofMexico, and the National Hurricane Center iswarning residents on Florida’s west coast to watchWilma carefully.

At present, the storm is moving toward the Yucatanpeninsula, but its intensity suggests that it will remainintact and will enter the Gulf.

Should it enter the Gulf, the storm has the potential tobecome one of the strongest on record capable of essentiallydestroying the area where it makes landfall.

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