The CIA is beginning to assert that the 2001 anthrax attacks were a terrorist plot. This goes against the FBI’s accusation that they were a demonstration of our vulnerability to a bioweapons attack that was perpetrated by a U.S. government scientist. The problem is, the anthrax used in the attacks was the Ames strain, which so far has only been found in the U.S. Traces of anthrax were recovered from a bomb in Iraq, but they weren’t from the Ames strain.

Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough write in The Washington Times that the CIA points to the fact that the anthrax was sent to two U.S. senators and several media organizations in envelopes containing letters that ended with: “death to America, death to Israel, Allah is great.”

It’s been an embarrassment to our government that, although Stephen Hatfill has been suspected of the crime, they haven’t yet been able to gather enough evidence to indict him. Meanwhile, Hatfill is suing the government for ruining his reputation. If the anthrax attacks were blamed on terrorists instead, no specific information would be needed to back up the claim (since all such information would be classified), and the crime could finally be considered solved.

Is our world advancing?or did we actually know more in the past?

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