Actor Christopher Reeve could make a full recovery from paralysis if his spinal injury can be fixed. He became paralyzed from the neck down in 1995 after damaging his spinal cord in a riding accident, but doctors at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis say his brain has retained the ability to detect feeling and movement.

In cases like Reeve’s, doctors are afraid that, without input from nerves, the brain will start using the areas formerly used to move and feel limbs for other purposes. But in experiments with Reeve, doctors found they could still activate the correct areas of his brain in response to touch. Harold Burton says, “Even though this individual had not been able to move for years, motor patterns in the brain were relatively normal?The key might be that, though this individual’s injury was extremely severe, a small portion of the spinal cord is still intact.”

Reeve has been following a program of exercise and electrical muscle stimulation since 1999 and he has slowly recovered limited sensation and movement in his lower body. Researchers believe they are making real progress towards finding a way to repair the damage caused by spinal cord injuries. Since Reeve?s brain is still functioning fine, if his spine can be repaired he may walk again.

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