Newswise – While many of us turn to our chiropractor when we develop asore back, there has long been controversy about whether ornot chiropractic techniques really ?work.? Some doctors sendtheir patients to chiropractors, while others thinkchiropractors are out of date practitioners of a type oftreatment that has long been superceded by more modern drugsand surgery. But there is a growing body of evidence thatgoing to the chiropractor can reduce your other health carecosts.

In a study published in the Journal of Vertebral SubluxationResearch, researchers found that chiropractic care caninfluence DNA repair. These findings offer a scientificexplanation for the positive health benefits reported bypatients who regularly visit chiropractors.

The researchers measured levels of a major antioxidant in 21patients under short-term chiropractic care and 25 patientsunder long-term chiropractic care. Antioxidants are presentin brightly colored fruits and vegetables and are importantto good health and long life, and they are thought to fightoff cancer. They found much higher levels of theseantioxidants in patients who visited their chiropractorsregularly. Dr. Christopher Kent, one of the authors of the paper, says,explained, ?Oxidative stress, generating free radicals, isnow a broadly accepted theory of how we age and developdisease. Oxidative stress results in DNA damage, andinhibits DNA repair. DNA repair is the mechanism which fixesthe damage caused by environmental impact. Chiropractic careappears to improve the ability of the body to adapt to stress.?

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