China is one of those rare modern societies that is notracially mixed?the presence of different races in thepopulation, which is second nature to us, doesn’t occurthere. Despite the popularity of U.S. media in China (andall over the world), even Caucasian Westerners who visitChina often find themselves stared at in amazement, while tous, seeing faces with Asian features is normal. DuringSecretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s recent visit to China,she was attacked with the kind of racial slurs that haven’tbeen seen in the U.S. press since the inception of theCivil Rights movement. This was done despite the fact that theChinese regularlydenounce theUnited States as being racist for treating black peoplebadly.

Most of the remarks about Condi focused on either her raceor the fact that she?s a woman. “She looks like anorangutan,” stated one internet site. Calling blacks”monkeys” is an old racist technique. One site criticizedRice, who is single, for “having no sons.” She was called a”black whore” and a “black female dog” (a “bitch,” which isa pejorative word in English as well). One site called her”the ugliest woman in the world,” despite the fact that, byWestern standards at least, Condi is an attractive woman.

This material did not appear on official websites, butrather in China-based blogs and messaging systems. However,the internet is strictly controlled in China, and thefailure of officials to remove them indicates at leasttolerance on the part of the Chinese government.

These days, we Westerners live in a “rainbow world,” but arewe unprejudiced enough to includebug-eyedaliens in the mix? China officially accepts the idea thataliens are here, by the way. If you get a one-yearsubscription, you’ll get a coupon for a FREE copy ofTheCommunion Letters, which tells about people’s personalexperiences with perceived aliens, and pay only shippingcosts?a $17.95 value!

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