China is not only decimating animal species for use in traditional medicine and selling us dangerous toothpaste, it is becoming a WORLDWIDE polluter. China is now building two new power plants every week.

British climate change official John Ashton says that China may now be the world’s biggest source of pollution–and this has happened much sooner than was expected. In BBC News, Roger Harrabin quotes Ashton as saying, "We need to convince China that they don’t have to make a choice between prosperity and protecting the climate. We need to help them towards a low-carbon future."

Harrabin writes, "[Ashton] pointed out that much of China’s emissions growth was being driven by consumers in the West buying Chinese goods, and noted that China’s emissions per person were still well below those of rich nations. It is estimated that the average American still pollutes between five and six times more than the average Chinese person."

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