In a new form of espionage, Chinese hackers are spying on Pentagon computers. Besides trying to “read” secret information, they are infecting military computers with computer viruses. The Pentagon admits that some of their computer software is antiquated, leaving their computers vulnerable to attack.

Frank Tiboni writes in that Chinese spies are on 24-hour alert and start probing the Pentagon’s computers as soon as they come online. But the Pentagon is fighting back. Besides creating new firewalls, they are building fake networks in order to confuse the Chinese hackers. Planting false information for spies to discover is an old espionage technique, now brought into the cyber age.

The Department of Defense runs 3.5 million PCs at 1,500 sites in 65 countries. Some of the information on these computers includes combat information and analysis. Their computers were successfully hacked almost 300 times in 2003.

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