Chimps can read each others’ minds to an extent. If, for instance, one of them spots a dangerous snake hiding in the leaves on the forest floor, he seems to know whether or not he needs to alert the others–whether or not they have noticed it too. Videos of wild chimps in Uganda reveal that, when they spot the fake snake that scientists have hidden there, they are more likely to make warning calls when if others in their troop have not seen the danger.

In the Guardian, Ian Sample quotes ape communication specialist Catherine Crockford as saying, "Lots of animals give alarm calls and are more likely to do so if there’s an audience, but these chimps are more likely to call if the audience doesn’t know about the danger. It’s as if they’re picking up on differences in ignorance and knowledge in others.

"The chimps would sometimes jump when they saw the snake, but they didn’t call then. They would only call after going back for a second look. So there’s a dissociation between their emotional reaction and the vocalization. The call is not a knee jerk reaction to the snake, it’s intelligent behavior."

Since we share 95% of our DNA with these creatures, we may have this mind-reading ability too, if we only learn to cultivate it. How can we cultivate and increase the latent powers inside of us? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

How can we contact or interact with the Visitors? In his long lifetime of Visitor contact, Whitley has found that mediation is the key to all of these things. Whitley has many wonderful meditations for you in the subscriber section and he’s written a guidebook to the way he meditates called The Path. In it, using the Tarot cards, he explains all the meditation techniques he has learned from the Gurdjieff work–AND from the Visitors.

If we could read your mind, I bet we’d find a restlessness, a disappointment with all the propaganda about UFOs that’s out there. You won’t find that at our Dreamland Festival–what you WILL find is great information–about things we guarantee you’ve never heard about before (and NEW INFORMATION about some that you HAVE). So come see us in May–you’ll have a great time!

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