The recent crash of a Vladivostok Avia plane in Siberia that killed all 145 on board might have been caused by an earthquake on the opposite side of the Earth, in Chile.

Seismologists said that alarm signals in the doomed plane went off 17 seconds after the quake, which happened at a point on the globe exactly opposite the city of Irkutsk, where the plane went into a deadly spin. They believe that a shock wave of energy could have traveled directly through the center of the earth from Chile to Irkutsk.

The shock wave would have disrupted electric, magnetic and gravitational fields, causing a malfunction of the plane?s navigational devices. The nose of the Tu-154 passenger jet jerked up while circling during its approach to the airport. This sent the plane into a spin, throwing the crew and passengers from one side of the plane to the other before the jet slammed into a meadow seconds later.

A government commission headed by Deputy Premier Ilya Klebanov blamed the July 3 plane crash on the co-pilot who was at the controls at the time. But flight recordings published in the newspaper Pravda indicated that the jet was flying on automatic pilot.

The autopilot?s controls would have automatically reacted to the sudden fluctuations in instrument readings.

An earthquake is also being considered as the cause of a 1995 plane crash near the city of Khabarovsk. Two mild tremors occurred in the area one or two minutes before a similar Tu-154 jet plunged into a harrowing spin. It crashed to the ground in less than a minute, killing all 99 people on board.

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