Cellphone use is dangerous to young children. For years,there has been a controversy about the danger of cellphones.Now a group of scientists are saying that the danger toyoung children has been seriously underestimated, and thatchildren under eight should not use mobile phones at all.

The report was issued by Britain’s National RadiologicalProtection Board (NRPB), and caused panic within thecellphone industry. One British company withdrew a cellphonetargeted to four to eight year old children.

Four European studies of varying quality have all implicatedcellphones in various disorders. One ten-year study inSweden suggests that heavy cellphone users are more prone tonon-malignant tumours in the ear and brain. A German studysuggests that people living near cell towers run anincreased cancer risk. More disturbingly, a Dutch studyindicates that there is a reduction in cognitive functionassociated with cellphone use. A more authoritative projectsupported by the European Union shows that there isconsistent cellular damage as a result of electromagneticfields typical of those that surround cellphones.

The World Health Organization is expected to publish areport soon that addresses hundreds of studies conductedover the last ten years, which will hopefully close thequestion of how dangerous these instruments are.

The cellphone industry has reacted negatively to theconcerns, with the result that US media and regulatoryagencies are ignoring the problem, and will continue to do so.

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