Scientists have discovered that cell phone radiation "excites" the brain– Just 50 minutes of cell phone radiation significantly affects brain function and metabolism of glucose (the brain’s main fuel) in those parts of the brain that receive the most cell phone radiation. This is an important clue about the ways that cell phone radiation can alter the brain and also shows why it is appropriate to take special precautions with cell phones today.

Biologist Ronald B. Herberman says, "We need to develop a better understanding of how radiofrequency radiation might contribute to increased risk for brain tumors as well as other alterations in brain functions." The rapid adoption of cell phones (there are now 290 million in the US) calls for greater protections, particularly among children who have thinner skulls and ears than adult cell phone users.

In the Washington Post, Cecilia Kang quotes researcher Louis Slesin as saying, "Whether these short-term changes will lead to health consequences (and what they might be) is far from clear — though (the study) already has preliminary indications of a long-term effect. Importantly, this new finding upsets the current orthodoxy because such low-levels EMF effects are thought to be impossible."

But does cell phone use lead to tumors? Hard to tell: researcher Allan Frey says, "It is well established in the scientific literature that generally a cancer is not seen until 10 to 30 years after the exposure to an agent. In addition, the radio frequency-biological literature shows that cancer is not seen until at least 10 years after the exposure."

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