George Noory plans to run for Prez in 2012 – Grandiose displays of fireworks, parades, and concerts are the way Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, and that’s pretty much the way it has been since 1776. Researcher James Heintze says, “The fireworks, the parades, the music, the costumes date all the way back. The degree and character change with the times, but the patriotism is always the same.” But here’s something new: radio host George Noory is considering a run for the White House in 2012. quotes Noory as saying, “With the millions of listeners to Coast to Coast AM, I get constant feedback from people who are not happy with the current candidates. Maybe I will run for president in 2012.”

Meanwhile, here’s some interesting facts about how the 4th has been celebrated in the past: In 1808, residents of Richmond, VA, resolved that only liquor produced in the US would be consumed at July Fourth celebrations.

In 1942, the first Fourth of July after the US entered World War II, fireworks in most cities were canceled due to blackouts.

Researcher James Heintze, who collects Fourth of July trivia, says, “In 1911, William Howard Taft celebrated the Fourth of July in one of the most unique ways experienced by one of our presidents. In honor of his visit to Indianapolis, the citizens held a locomotive collision. A grandstand was built for Taft to get the best view of two unoccupied trains smashing into each other at full-throttle speed.”

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