Cats cut in half – Cat mutilations are taking place in Vancouver, with pet cats found cut cleanly in half. One woman found half of her cat on her neighbor’s lawn. Usually only the front or back half is found, and like cattle mutilations, there is little blood left behind.On the, Tom Zytaruk quotes policeman Peter Thiessen as saying, “I’ve been getting calls from all over Canada, international.” He says it’s not caused by animals because “This is surgical, very clean cut.”

One of our readers has experienced this personally. He writes: “I was reading the out there section of the website the other day and noticed the half-cat description. I was doing some investigations about 17 years ago and I had a case that had exactly that event, where the family cat was discovered cleanly cut in two in the back seat of the family car parked in the garage.

“The family had many bizarre incidents, mainly with the mother and her three daughters. There was never a craft sighted, but the family had many entity sightings and contact experiences, all of them negative. On one occasion the mother awoke while being raped by one of these creatures, and when he finished he dissolved into her body. I didn’t quite know how to deal with that, but it seems it had a decided spiritual element to it rather than a straight ET hypothesis, almost more like malevolent poltergeist activity, masquerading as a visitor experience.”

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