There are folding bikes, but a folding car? The Hiriko "Fold" can do just that. This should solve your parking problems.

It’s an electric car, and the doors are different–Once the car is parked, the driver climbs out through the glass canopy on the top.

The idea isn’t that you put it under your arm and take it with you, like you would a bike. Instead, you would fold it flat (like flattening a cardboard box) and park them stacked next to each other, in groups of three, increasing the curb parking space exponentially. Since people are streaming into the cities from the countryside in countries all over the world, this would be a major improvement. It would also save these cities the cost of building and financing public transportation.

In, Jim Motavalli quotes Jose Manual Barroso, president of the European Commission, as saying that it’s "a systematic solution to major societal changes."

The Fold is going into production in Europe next year, priced around $16,400. Folding trucks and convertibles will be next.

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