The teenaged brain is not yet fully formed, which may be the reason why teens have the greatest percentage of auto accidents. Before they buy their kid a car, many parents would like to transform their teen into a good driver with the option of getting them a self-propelled vehicle.

Technology to the rescue! Researchers have invented wireless aids and apps that warn teenage drivers when they’ve exceeded the speed limit and even when they’re breaking family rules (such as going to the mall when they’re supposed to be studying or driving after drinking) These devices can be attached to the windshield or GPS or even be plugged into the car’s computer.

Using websites, parents can set the maximum speed of the car may be driven, and the places the car is allowed to go to (OK to go to the library, NOT OK to go to the house of a local gang member). If these rules are broken, the car automatically texts the parents.

While this sounds appealing, it could produce as many problems as it solves. Lots of "near misses" when driving are the result of snap decisions to apply to brakes or accelerator (in order to zoom out of the way), and these aids could interfere with that.

And what if all these devices fail and the car crashes anyway? Parents could take the car manufacturer to court and sue them.

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