Could time travel be real? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). A lot of this depends onwhether or not quantum indeterminacy can be seen in the macro, rather than just the tiny “micro” world, and now this has happened, in an observation of a tiny bit of metal the size of a human hair, which is small but can still be seen without a microscope. Quantum physics is one of the fascinating subjects that Anne Strieber discusses with Russell Targ on this week’s Dreamland.

A group of California scientists have demonstrated that an object you can see in front of you may exist simultaneously in a parallel universe. The existence of these parallel universes is the first step towards time travel. Anne Strieber has theorized that both of these theories help explain what ET contact is all about.

When quantum phsysicist Andrew Cleland tapped the cooled metal to start it vibrating, he found that it moved and stood still at the same time. This is the equivalent of the classic experiment showing that light can be both a particle and a wave simultaneously, depending on how you look at it (or what you expect to see).

In Fox, John Brandon quotes quantum physicist Andrew Cleland as saying, “When you observe something in one state, one theory is it split the universe into two parts.” This helps to explain how there can be multiple universes when we can see only one of them.

In the world of quantum physics, the nature of events is that they depend on OBSERVATION to exist. Perhaps we somehow filter out these improbabilities, but when one has been definitively observed, perhaps more of them will be accessible to us. In other words, if we see time travel in action, we may be able to do it. It may be that the very nature of quantum entanglement is such that the existence of this observation is going to resonate in all of us, or is already doing so. This could explain the athletic phenomenon that makes a certain feat impossible (such as the 4 minute mile) until someone does it and then it becomes accessible to many more.

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