Eating oat bran lowers the body’s cholesterol levels. Eating dairy foods strengthens bones. Are there foods that can help psychological disorders? We know that certain foods, like chocolate, raise serotonin levels. Serotonin is the “happiness chemical” that is raised by drugs like Prozac. Sociopaths, who seem to have no conscience, are known to have low serotonin levels. Should we make sure they get enough chocolate?

Orthomolecular therapy is a new science that identifies a missing molecule within the body, and corrects it with nutrition instead of drugs. Anxiety can be caused by low levels of B vitamins, food allergies, and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Instead of recommending drug therapy, orthomolecular therapist Jonathan Prousky prescribes vitamins, changes in diet, and eliminating caffeine, alcohol and foods containing processed sugar. Eventually, nutrition may be found to playing a greater role in serious mental diseases like depression and even schizophrenia. It?s already known that starvation in the mother can lead to schizophrenic symptoms in her children and lack of sunlight (vitamin D) has also been implicated in the disease.

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