A massive break in the 17th Street levee is flooding the city of New Orleans. Jefferson and Plaquemine Parishes are under martial law. Nobody is being allowed into the city.The 200ft wide break is expected to continue flooding untilthe water level in the city reaches that of LakePonchatrain. Huge sandbags are being airlifted to the cityin an effort to stem the break.

Had Army Corps of Engineers budgets not been cut for thisarea, and forward planning been done beginning a year agowhen it became clear that hurricanes were becoming moresevere, this catastrophe might have been averted. Thesandbags needed should have been available in the area, nothundreds of miles away.

Meanwhile, Jefferson Parish is full of gas leaks, the watersystem has been breached and water needs to be boiled,pumping stations have failed, snakes have come up intopopulated areas and there are loose dogs and cats roamingeverywhere. Area residents are calling it a fight for survival.

There is a possibility that the primary infrastructure ofthe city will fail and water will need to be pumped out ifand when the levees can be restored. If this is the case,the city will remain under water for weeks or months, and,in a worst-case scenario, even longer.

A comment from Whitley Strieber: “It is past time for thiscountry to accept that global warming is real, that it hasimmediate consequences in the form of extreme weather, andthat this must be planned for. The fact that forwardplanning was intentionally dropped for this region isindefensible.”

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