A security camera captured the image of a UFO slowly falling in the sky over Kansas City on January 14. This is the “falling leaf” motion often reported by people who see UFOs. In North Carolina, a reporter interviewed several witnesses who saw UFOs, then saw the same thing himself the following night.

The security camera belongs to the Trigen Energy Plant, and security worker Bob Lindsay says, “[The UFO] had the appearance of more of a really light yellow?wasn’t quite white, wasn’t quite yellow.”

NASA astronomer Tom Armstrong guessed it could have been falling space junk, except NORAD says there was nothing manmade entering the atmosphere on that date.

Bill Sandifer writes in the Washington (North Carolina) Daily News that Clarence Everett spotted a group of UFOs on Friday, January 16. First, he “saw this star blinking. It looked different (than a star), and, all of a sudden, it moved. I said, ‘That’s no star.’? It was a solid white light.”

It began to make a series of erratic motions, almost as if to “prove” it wasn’t a conventional airplane. Then he noticed another UFO, lower in the sky. He says, “Two red balls came above a tree line.”

He told his brother-in-law and his wife, so he?d have other witnesses to share the sighting. By the time they joined him, there were three white lights and “another red one came up. Only momentarily would they be red, and then they went white.” They saw a total of 12 lights, in four groups of three, which eventually formed a triangle shape, before flying off in different directions. The last UFOs were an “intense white light,” along with one red and one blue light that turned on and off. “I never did hear any sound,? Everett says, “That’s what drew my attention to it.”

In an unusual twist, the Washington News reporter writing the story also saw the UFOs. Sandifer says the following night he saw “a very bright white light, appearing about the altitude of a tall television tower?”

Close encounter witness and author Lisette Larkins offers a guide to making contact with ETs?if that’s what they are?that is very similar to methods Whitley Strieber figured out for himself, which worked for him.

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