After Exxon complained that the U.S. government’s last UNIPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) chairman,Robert Watson, was being too hard on them, Bush backedRajendra Pachauri for the post, assuming that he wouldsupport our government’s stance on climate change. NowPachauri is warning that global warming has hit the dangerpoint and it may already be too late to change things.

Geoffrey Lean writes in the Independent that Pachauri wasexpected to be more “friendly” towards Bush policies thanhis predecessor. Former vice-president Al Gore once calledPachauri the “let’s drag our feet” candidate, but Pachauriis now saying that the world needs to make immediate andvery deep cuts in CO2 emissions if humanity is to survive.He says climate change “is for real” and “There is not amoment to lose.”

Michael McCarthy writes in the Independent about a newlypublished IPCC report, Meeting The Climate Challenge, thatsays we’ve reached the tipping point when it comes toclimate change?and it’s taken us only ten years to reachthis point. It’s time to stop denying that global warming ishere (as a well known novelist is still doing), and startplanning for it.

The report predicts worldwide crop failures, water shortagesand droughts, sea level rises and the deaths of manyforests. By absorbing CO2, trees help clear the atmosphere,so this is an additional tragedy. Co-chairman Stephen Byerscalls the Earth “an ecological time bomb ticking away.”

Let’s learn totrust ourinstincts, especially when listening to politicians.Subscribers canstill listen to Anne Strieber’s extraordinary interview withSonia Choquette.

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