Crop circle investigator George Wingfield reveals that the British Government called a secret meeting to debate the meaning of crop circles over a decade ago. The August 28, 1989 issue of The Wall Street Journal says, “British agriculture and defense officials want to know more about the mysterious crop circles which have appeared across the countryside?so does Queen Elizabeth, who is said to have sharply questioned Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher about the circles recently.”

Nick Redfern writes in Phenomena Magazine that this isn’t the first time the British government has investigated crop circles. A recently declassified file says, “The early days of 1940 and 1941 produced an avalanche of reports about [spies, and the] methods used in communicating to each other and to the enemy. Reports from Poland, Holland, France and Belgium showed that they used ground markings for the guidance of bombers and paratroops?Such ground markings might be the cutting of cornfields into guiding marks for aircraft…”

During World War II, British spies were sent into the fields to examine crop circles and decide if they were Nazi aircraft signals. Redfern writes, “?The files are a perfect (and, more importantly, an officially, documented) example of the fact that crop circles are not just a phenomenon of the modern era but were reported to?and investigated by?high-level government departments at least sixty years ago.”

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