UFOs aren’t just showing up in Texas and Canada, Turkey and London. Researchers know that UFO activity has always been incredibly high in Brazil. Now aprominent Brazilian Air Force general is demanding that thesame thing that is being done in the UK must be done in his country too: “All UFO secrets must be disclosed.” In his Brazilian UFO magazine, A.J. Gevaerd quotes Brazilian Air Force Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira as saying, “It istime to end all secrets about UFOs in Brazil and everywhere.” Pereira was once thought to be the man who had the only key to the safe where Brazilian UFO secrets were kept. He says that Operation Saucer, Brazil’s version of Operation Blue Book in the US, produced 2,000 pages of documents and over 500 photos of sightings in the Amazon, as well as 16 hours of film. According to Pereira, all this material is now in the Brazilian capital Brasilia.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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