We’ve reported before that women who get breast implants are nearly three times as likely to commit suicide. And what are bras for anyway? Scientific studies show that they do NOT stop breasts from bouncing. But women still need them: In the last 15 years, the average bust size has increased from 34B to 36C.

Researcher Loren Lipworth says that the results of his study on the suicidal results of breast surgery suggest that a “nontrivial proportion of women undergoing breast augmentation may bring with them?or develop later?serious long-term psychiatric morbidity and eventually mortality.”

In LiveScience.com, Jeanna Bryner writes that during exercise, women?s breast bounce even more than previously estimated, moving up and down a total of around 8 inches. If your breasts are heavy, this can be painful, but even specially-designed sports bras don?t seem able to stop it. She quotes biomechanics professor Joanna Scurr as saying, “It is only recently that bra design has turned to science, There was no research. It?s like designing a car or kitchen equipment without first thinking ‘what is the purpose of this?'”

In another article, Bryner reports that In the last 15 years, the average bust size has increased from 34B to 36C, but whether or not this is due to breast implants or increased obesity is not known.

Women have worn bras since the 1800s, but the modern bra was invented in 1928. Today, the average woman owns 6 of them.

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