Loud booming noises that do not spread like sonic booms were heard on both US coasts and in Arkansas last week, adding to the proliferation of these events nationwide and worldwide. Just last week, booms disturbed residents in Berkeley, California, Lawrence County, Arkansas and Bordentown City, New Jersey, Victoria, Texas, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and North Carolina, to name a few. Just since January, there have been hundreds of cases reported in the United States alone. In general, they do not roll like sonic booms, but are single, loud explosions or rumbles that are confined to a defined area. Meteorologists in some areas have theorized that they may be due to extremely cold temperatures recently experienced, but there was nothing unusual about the temperature in the areas that experienced the booms last week.

Cryoseismic booms produce shaking and noises, and are related to sudden freezing of the ground. But this phenomenon would only explain a small number of the events, and not those that take place in warmer areas or in summer. They do not appear to have any seasonal or regional bias. Police in Berkeley believe that the booms there are being caused by fireworks, but the exceptional loudness of the blast would suggest that this is not the correct answer. The University of California at Berkeley’s Victory Cannon has also come under suspicion.

In fact, none of the explanations account for the proliferation of these booms across the US and worldwide. More information can be found about them at Earthflies.com and on StrangeSounds.org.

They have been covered extensively on Dreamland, and subscribers can listen to our many archived programs by clicking here. The most recent report by Linda Moulton Howe on January 22, 2015 covered the large number of events earlier in that month.

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