When time slip expert Starfire Tor joined Whitley on Coast to Coast AM on January 9, one of her predictions for 2011 was more meteor strikes. Her prediction has come true already: In Oklahoma, people recently star a "big ball of fire" streaking across the sky. It glowed slightly green, probably because it contained copper. The meteor was also seen in Mississippi and Florida.

We are constantly searching for life, but it turns out to be EVERYWHERE! NASA announced the discovery of bacteria living in arsenic in a California lake. Now they have uncovered ET amino-acids in meteorite fragments that landed in northern Sudan. The meteorite is a fragment of a an asteroid that entered our atmosphere in 2008 and was originally 13 feet wide and weighed almost 60 tons (before it came crashing through the atmosphere, landing in Sudan). It was formed in a collision that occurred about 15 million years ago. The fragment was discovered in an expedition to the Sudanese desert, along with nearly 600 other meteorite fragments.

NASA astro-biologist Daniel Glavin says, "Previously, we thought the simplest way to make amino acids in an asteroid was at cooler temperatures in the presence of liquid water, [but] this meteorite suggests there’s another way involving reactions in gases as a very hot asteroid cools down." Glavin says that this discovery "provides additional support for the theory that life’s ingredients were delivered to the Earth by asteroids."

Life on Earth is almost certainly the result of bacteria brought here from asteroids, but many people say it’s not at the bacterial level any more–they are HERE and they are INTERACTING with them. As a special treat, just for our subscribers, Anne Strieber has interviewed thirteen contactees about what THEIR experiences have REALLY BEEN LIKE. If you want to find out what’s REALLY going on, subscribe today!

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