The are a lot of strange sounds around lately (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to these special reports). Two unusually powerful explosions occurred in Siberia on February 9th and 12th–were they caused by the same thing as the Tunguska explosion of 1908? The explosions were so huge that the residents of nearby cities felt powerful tremors and many of them ran out into the street in a panic. However, the official Russian government geological service says the explosions were NOT related to an earthquake. (NOTE: If you got our FREE weekly newsletter, you would have ALREADY READ this story!)

In Tunguska, the explosion that level a large stand of trees was caused by a the impact of a comet. Since comets are made of ice, the "evidence" disappeared, leaving the local residents mystified.

The local press is still debating the possible cause of these explosions. Besides another comet impact, they could be explained by blasting explosives in order to mine minerals, except that this has been prohibited. Also, the blasts were the equivalent of several thousand tons of explosives, and local mining companies don’t have access to this much explosive material.

Another speculation is that the military was testing tectonic weapons. After the blasts, specialists from the Russian Academy of Sciences arrived in the area and closed off access to the blast sites to local residents.

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