Look up in the sky: Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a UFO? No, it’s a delivery blimp! NASA is developing the new generation of airships, which it believes will replace heavily polluting trucks, trains and ships (which need ports and docks, and these are expensive to build and susceptible to terrorism) as a way to transport freight.

The new generation of airships will take off and land vertically, and scientists say that blimps that can carry hundreds of tons of cargo at a time will be in the sky by the end of this decade. This comes more than 70 years after the Hindenburg disaster in New Jersey in 1937, which killed 36 people when the hydrogen-propelled dirigible exploded, bringing an end to the earlier era of blimps.

In the Telegraph, Richard Gray quotes NASA’s Simon Worden as saying, "Currently the majority of goods are put on trucks and trains to be transported around the country. That is a very expensive and time consuming process. You could imagine an airship landing in a field, loading produce directly and then delivering it anywhere in the world for much cheaper than we can today. Initially we are expecting to be able to lift tens of tons and we are building a demonstrator that we hope to fly at the end of next year. This will be very useful for remote communities like those in Alaska where there are no roads."

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