Can black boxes called Random Number Generators predict the future? These small machines are in secret places in 41 countries around the world, where they can pick up mass thought and thus predict major events.

The original RNG resides in a small black box in the basement of the library at Edinburg University in Scotland. It’s a small computer, no more sophisticated that the one inside your Palm Pilot, that’s programmed to constantly spew out random numbers. But this box seems to be able to predict the future. It seemed to sense 911 four hours before the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center. In December, it seemed to warn that a natural disaster was on the way, shortly before a deep ocean earthquake triggered the tsunami.

Dr. Roger Nelson of Princeton University’s Global Consciousness Project, is studying the predictions of this little black box in order to learn if there is a global subconscious mind. Do we all, somewhere deep inside, really know what the future will bring? If that’s the case, it would indicate that the future is already in place and we are merely walking along a timeline. But the black box could actually be picking up what only a few people, such as terrorists, are thinking, and reporting this back in number form. This also means that the future can be accurately predicted.

Nelson isn’t the only scientist who wants to learn more about the black box?it has attracted interest from 75 different scientists from all over the world. It’s the most rigorous and longest-running investigation ever to be conducted into the paranormal.

Studying the paranormal is frustrating, because these powers often seem to vanish when studied directly. In the past, it’s been assumed that this is because they aren’t real, but scientists now think it may be because these powers are so fragile and elusive that a new scientific method needs to be found to study them.

In the 1970s, Princeton’s Dr. Robert Jahn was one of the few researchers to take the paranormal seriously and was determined to find a way to study it, so he invented the Random Event Generator (REG). In this little black box, a small computer generates two numbers, a one and a zero, repeatedly in a random sequence. The results are printed on a graph. The box should generate equal numbers of ones and zeros, which forms a straight line on the graph. But occasionally, it appears to “go crazy” and generate a king series of either ones or zeros, and shortly afterwards, a major event occurs. Jahn wanted to find out if the human mind could affect the numbers being churned out by the REG, so he asked strangers, right off the street, to come in and concentrate over the box, trying to get it to generate more ones than zeros, or vice-versa. Over and over again, these people were somehow able to affect the numbers being generated by the box.

Nelson has taken the experiment a step further. He took REGs to large meditation groups and asked the people there to try to influence the machines as a group, causing amazing results. Nelson then realized that he had access to such groups over the internet and has been able to enlist large numbers of volunteers in this way.

Usually the graph prints out a flat line, but on September 6, 1997, it suddenly shot up. Random number generators around the world reported similar deviations. This was the day that millions of people, around the world, watched the funeral of Princess Diana on TV.

This inspired scientists from all over the world to get together in 1998 to analyze these results. Most of them took a REG home with them and put it in a secret place inside their own universities. This was the beginning of the Global Consciousness Project. At this time, there are 65 REGs placed in 41 different countries, all continuously generating random numbers. They seem to have an amazing sensitivity to major world events, as they are happening. They also seem to detect global celebrations, such as New Year’s Eve (although different parts of the world still use different calendars, so this celebration isn’t universal).

Four hours before the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, black boxes around the world started registering long strings of non-random numbers. Was this just a coincidence or did the black boxes sense that something momentous was about to happen?

We’d like to know whether the black boxes predicted the recent terrorist attacks in London. An interesting note: People who have Visitor experiences often report seeing small black boxes in the room with themselves and the ETs.

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