We recently wrote about the race to stop bird flu before it mutates, making it possible to be passed between humans. Now it looks as if that race has been lost, since two sisters who died of bird flu in Vietnam probably caught it from their brother. In earlier cases, it was only caught through direct contact with infected chickens. A medical advisor to Hong Kong’s Department of Health says, “If it is found that bird flu can be passed from person to person, 300,000 people could die in Hong Kong alone.”

In excitenews.com, Tini Tran quotes Bob Dietz, of the World Health Organization, as saying, “?WHO considers that limited human-to-human transmission from the brother to his sisters is one possible explanation.”

WHO will compare the genetic makeup of the virus that infected the sisters with the virus infecting people who caught it directly from chickens, to see if the sisters’ virus is a new, contagious strain. WHO’s Maria Cheng says, “This may be an isolated incident. These were very close contacts, family members.” Their brother died in January, but his body was cremated, so there’s no way to tell if he died from bird flu.

WHO says, “The investigation failed to reveal a specific event, such as contact with sick poultry, or an environmental source to explain these cases. At the same time, such exposures cannot be discounted.”

Medical News Today reports that bird flu has a mortality rate in humans of over 75% and can survive extremely cold conditions, meaning the virus won?t be killed in frozen chickens. Virologist Leo Pun says, “There is a high probability of human infection if a person is in direct contact with infected poultry, but if the meat is well cooked, the virus can be killed.”

While we can’t heal bird flu, we do know how to heal the soul.

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