After Ray Dufresne spotted a Bigfoot in Bennington, Vermont, three more people admitted they saw the same thing. One of them, Doug Dorst, was driving on Route 7 when he saw what he thought was a “homeless dude with a war wound in a snowsuit.”

Sadelle Wiltshire and Ann Mrowicki saw the same creature. “It was the weirdest thing,” says Wiltshire. “It looked like a guy in a gorilla suit, but it looked like it had a tail.”

Norah Hoffenberg writes in the Bennington (VT) Banner that Dorst describes the creature as over 6 feet tall, and very bulky. He’s sure it wasn’t a bear. “I almost wish I’d been paying more attention, so I could’ve appreciated the absurdity and the fear of it,” he says. “I think this was a dude in a suit out there. I celebrate it.”

Wiltshire agrees that the creature was about 6 feet tall, of medium build, with dark brown hair. She says it walked on two legs, and had jointed knees like a hominid. “Definitely not a bear,” says Mrowicki, who was in the car with her. “Bigfoot? Hmmmm. A strange big person in a costume? That’s the conclusion we drew.”

The Banner received several tips that a local practical joker named Michael Greene was the man in the gorilla suit, but Greene denies it. “I pull some jokes on people, but not this one,” he says. “I heard about it in the paper.” He says he was playing golf at the time and doesn?t own a gorilla suit. He says, “I’ll take a lie detector test.”

The history of Bigfoot sightings in Vermont goes back centuries. The New York Times reported a sighting in 1879, and other sightings date from the mid-1970s through the 1990s.

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