A giant fossilized footprint has been found in the Cleveland National Forest in California, suggesting that Bigfoot may have once lived in the nearby mountains. To see the print, it?s necessary to climb more than a thousand feet up a rugged mountain. “I go out of my way to make a slip trail where nobody else has been and I was actually looking for gold,” says James Snyder, who discovered the footprint in February.

It?s embedded in solid granite and was discovered in an area that becomes a creek bed during the rainy season. It looks as though something big crossed the creek a long time ago and left its footprint behind. “When I saw it, I told my buddy, I said I found Bigfoot up there,” says Snyder. ?But the neat thing about it to me, is most of your Bigfoots, or their casts or whatnot, come out of snow that you can’t go back and check, or muddy soil, where as soon as you get a hard rain, well that’s gone too. This is, well we can look at it. We can study it. We can bring scientists here.”

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