What’s going on behind the scenes in UFO research? We’re beginning a searching new series of interviews with UFO researchers, some famous like Stanton Friedman, others less well known, but doing unique and important work in the field.

Our first interview is with Australian researcher Paul Potter of UfoPhysics.com, who has been working with abductee Betty Andreasson Luca’s “star language” utterances. Some of these statements were translated years ago from ancient Gaelic. Now Potter has discovered that others are translatable also, as the extinct language Latin.

This fascinating researcher is also an expert draftsman and has rendered the Andreasson UFO in detail from her descriptions, as well as done some informed speculation about anti-gravity.

Join Whitley as he explores a unique researcher’s fascinating and sobering discoveries about these translations. Available now for Unknowncountry.com subscribers.

Next week, we delve into the latest work of superstar researcher Stanton Friedman who’s hard at work on riveting new Roswell discoveries.

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