About the only regimen that is guaranteed to give you longer life is to continuously deprive yourself of enough to eat?at least it works for mice and fruit flies. People are now beginning to try this diet as well, although we will have to wait to see if it works for humans. Now scientists have discovered a hermit in India who says he hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for 20 years. He’s lived to be 70 and is in perfect health.

Rajeev Khanna writes in bbcnews.com about Prahlad Jani, who was recently put under constant video surveillance in Sterling Hospital in India for 10 days, in a room with a sealed-off toilet. During that time, he did not eat anything and “neither did he pass urine or stool,” says hospital deputy superintendent Dr. Dinesh Desai. “A series of tests conducted on him show his body mechanism is that of a normal person.”

Most of us can only live for a few days without water. We can survive without food for several weeks, because we can live on our stored protein and fat. Despite the fact that Jani drinks no water, urine appears to form in his bladder, but it is reabsorbed by his bladder walls. He says, “I feel no need for food and water.”

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