Belief in God can literally be carried in your DNA, meaningyou inherit it from your parents. While environmentalfactors, such as taking kids to church or placing them inreligious schools, plays a part in whether children believein God, new research into the so-called God gene shows thatif you still believe when you’re an adult, it’s in yourgenes.

A study reported in the Journal of Personality analyzed morethan 500 identical and non-identical twins and concludedthat the religious children were born to religious parents.The twins answered questions such as how often they went tochurch and if they prayed. The identical twins reportedsimilar patterns, which is to be expected when children areraised in a religious household. However, researchersreached the DNA conclusion because the non-identical twinsdiverged from one another as they got older, while theidentical twins did not.

The debate about the “God gene” was started when Dr. DeanHamer compared more than 2,000 DNA samples, from believersand non believers, and concluded that the more peoplebelieved in God, the more likely it was that they had thegene VMAT2.

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