?but we are also practicing terrorism AGAINST bees! – How can you find a serial killer before he strikes again? Study the bees! And a single drug manufacturer may be behind bee disappearances here AND in France.

Bees look for nectar away from their hives. In the same way, serial killers avoid committing murder near their homes. In BBC News, Jennifer Carpenter quotes crime researcher Nigel Raine as saying, “We’re really hopeful that we can improve the model for criminology?Most murders happen close to the killer’s home, but not in the area directly surrounding a criminal’s house, where crimes are less likely to be committed because of the fear of getting caught by someone they know.”

In the same way, bees avoid foraging for flowers near their homes so that they don’t attract predators to the hive.

Meanwhile, the Natural Resources Defense Council has filed a lawsuit to force the federal government to disclose studies on the effect of a new pesticide called clothianidin on honey bees. Is this what is causing the mysterious bee disappearances? Bee disappearances in France have been traced to a pesticide called imidacloprid, which is also manufactured by Bayer. These studies have already been done, since they were ordered by the EPA in 2003?but the RESULTS of these studies have not been made public!

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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