We have recruited animals, from llamas to dolphins, in our fight against terrorism. The latest strategy is to train honey bees to sniff out bombs. But if we’re going to draft bees for military action, we’d better make sure they don’t disappear.

Los Alamos scientists think they can figure out how to harness the incredible olfactory sense of honey bees, which they use in their search for nectar, to sniff out the explosives used in the kinds of explosives that are used in roadside bombs in Iraq. Researcher Tim Haarmann says, “Scientists have long marveled at the honey bee’s phenomenal sense of smell, which rivals that of dogs.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

Animals know a lot of secrets that we humans don?t know. We?ve learned that bees do a quantum dance, and in his new Starwalkers book and DVD, William Henry tells why ancient cultures may have had secrets about quantum mechanics that we are now just discovering. On December 16, just for subscribers, William and Anne Strieber have an wonderful Christmas conversation about how Christianity and both ancient and modern science come together in his extraordinary new DVD.

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