As the baseball season winds down, it’s worth looking at the kinds of pranks that players play on each other. One prank that’s been done is loading up an orange with shots of an oral numbing ointment and waiting for an unsuspecting teammate to consume it.

In the August 9th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Scott Cacciola quotes Pittsburgh Pirates pitching reliever Evan Meek as saying, "Just a few squirts here and there. Enough to numb your whole mouth." Since those of us who watch baseball on TV know that chewing gum and spitting out sunflower seeds are Major League pastimes, this is a good joke.

In a recent game between Tampa Bay and the Toronto Blue Jays, second baseman Elliot Johnson put chewing gum on the bottom of a paper cup and stuck it to the top of third-base coach Tom Foley’s helmet, WHILE it was on Foley’s head. It came off but Foley understood the importance of a baseball prank, so he stuck it back on when he knew he would be on TV.

Cacciola quotes Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Casey McGehee as saying, "If you can’t laugh at yourself and enjoy yourself with teammates, it can be a long season."

When the Master of the Key burst into his Toronto hotel room in 1998, Whitley thought at first that it was a joke, but then he started talking (and Whitley began taking notes). These notes became The Key, which was first published on our website but has now been revised (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show) and is in bookstores everywhere, with a special foreword by Whitley telling how so many of the things MOTKE said have turned out to be TRUE. You can also get The Key from the Whitley Strieber Collection and get an autographed bookplate along with it!

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