The baby of an ABC News employee has tested positive for cutaneous anthrax. Until now, there had been no reports of any suspicious envelopes or other signs of an anthrax attack at ABC News. The child had visited the set of World News Tonight on September 28.

Commentary from There are still officials talking about a ‘possible’ connection between Iraq, Osama bin Laden and the anthrax attack. However, it is clear now that the attack is more widespread than expected, and that there may be many more targets than previously expected. There is a substantial amount of planning behind this attack, and an unknown amount of weaponized anthrax available to the attackers.

We briefly carried a story from commentator Steven Milloy to the effect that the anthrax scare is being overdone. However, it is not time for this story. While it is true that anthrax is hard to get, people are getting it, and at the present time there is no way to know how extensive this latest attack on America will be. Once the dimensions of it are known, it may be time to reinstate the story.

In the meantime, Mayor Guliani’s comment to the effect that we need to be like the British were under the blitz becomes more appropriate by the hour. He suggested that we continue to go about our lives as per normal, reacting to problems as necessary.

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