While the Nobel prizes are being give out, it’s important to note some of the OTHER scientific advances that have been made in the past year, such as: a “gay” bomb that could be used against Muslim terrorists to turn them all instantly into homosexuals, treating jet lag with impotency drugs, extracting vanilla from cow dung and the side effects of sword swallowing. These research triumphs received awards as well!

These are only some of the annual “Ig Nobel” awards that have been given out for research done in the previous year. While the Viagra “cure” for jet lag may lead to more movie-star encounters in airplane lavatories, making the lines longer for the rest of us, at least one person is delighted with the research. BBC News quotes Dan Meyer, executive director of the Sword Swallowing Association International, as saying, “I was surprised and extremely honored when I found out I was not only nominated for an Ig Nobel prize but that I had won it. I couldn’t believe it.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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