The London-based Ash Sharq al-Awsat newspaper has reportedthat al-Qaeda will carry out a series of terrorist actionsin August and Osama bin-Laden will appear on video shortlyafterwards.

Al-Qaeda sources told the paper that “Sheikh bin Laden isalive and will appear in a videotape after carrying out thisoperation to confirm that he is still alive and willcontinue fighting the United States.”

Ash-Sharq al-Awsat also reported that al-Qaeda is planningan attack on the U.S. to coincide with the first anniversaryof the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington.

How did al-Qaeda pay for 911? Drug profits from Afghanistanwere used to carry out the September 11 attacks, accordingto a classified report from Israeli intelligence, asrevealed in the Maariv newspaper of Tel Aviv.

Since then, Afghan drug traffickers have greatly reduced theprice of opium. They may be broke after the 911 bills havecome in or they may want to fill their pockets in order tofund more terrorism. Even more ominous: they may be tryingto hook more drug users so they can raise the price again inthe future. And it?s not just a problem in the West?thereare lots of addicts in Islamic countries as well.

The Israelis estimate that al-Qaeda has a stockpile of 2,800tons of opium, which is enough to produce 280 tons of heroinworth $80 billion in Europe. It could supply the entirecontinent for three years.

The intelligence report says that al-Qaeda practices ?terrorthrough an invasion of drugs? and adds, ?For Bin Laden?sorganization, flooding the West with drugs is part of theJihad that it can conduct through its financial arm, whichoperates without incriminating documentation.?

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