In the last few years we’ve had some near misses with asteroids and will again in the future. A team of scientists and engineers are striving to save humanity from asteroid impacts that could threaten life on earth.

Richard Fork is assembling a team to conduct research into deflecting asteroids that may endanger us. We now know it was an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. One of his plans is to someday use a laser beam to trace, and perhaps alter, their trajectories.

In the Independent, David Usborne reports that “A group of former astronauts and cosmonauts is warning that at least one asteroid is on a path that could see it collide with our planet in 2036. They say work should begin on considering a strategy to protect humankind from this and other asteroids.” The UN will take up this new mission soon.

From South Africa to Australia to the US, loud and unusual sounds are being heard and bright lights observed in the sky. We have been reporting on this phenomenon for weeks, and now another event has taken place in New Jersey.

In the Newark Advocate, Jim Sabin quotes local resident Jeff Gill, who “saw a meteor with a relatively long trail, with red, green and gold coloration. It was headed east to west and lasted about three seconds; after it faded, the sonic boom washed over him, he said.” Gill says, “It was the most eerie, cool, scary, wonderful thing. You just see this dragon tail going across the sky. All of a sudden, everything goes boom.”

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