The earthquake off the coast of Sumatra that triggered thelate December 26 tsunami has increased stress on the seabedfault zone, raising the chances of another earthquake, whichwould lead to another tsunami. Seismologists don’t know howsoon another earthquake will occur, but when one quakestimulates a second one, the second earthquake usuallyhappens within a year of the first one.

In the British newspaper The Guardian, David Adam quotes aprominent seismologist as saying that lightning does striketwice?when it comes to quakes. There has already beenanother powerful earthquake in the region, but it did notlead to a tsunami. The sea bed area that is most at risk,due to stress from the original Indonesian earthquake,produced earthquakes in 1833 and 1861 that triggeredtsunamis that led to many fatalities. More than 35 millionpeople could be affected if an earthquake hit the area wherethe North American and Caribbean tectonic plates arelocated. Ten tsunamis have been recorded in the region since1492, six of which caused loss of life. The final death tollfrom December?s quake numbers over 300,000 people.

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