Scientists and special effects artists in the UK and in New Zealand have used the same digital techniques used in criminal investigations to reconstruct what the young pharaoh known as King Tut looked like. A fiberglass bust of King Tut is now on display in London’s Science Museum.

Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922. King Tut ruled Egypt in the 14th Century BC and died mysteriously at age 18. His golden death mask was one of the many exquisite items removed from the tomb, and this was used to reconstruct his image. For comparison photos of Bell and Tut, click on full story. There?s evidence that Tut had a rare genetic disorder of the spine. Dr. Richard Boyer, who looked at X-rays of the Egyptian mummy taken in 1968, says he had Klippel Feil Syndrome, an abnormal curvature in the spine and fusion of the upper vertebrae. “His head is like it’s on a broomstick or a poker,” says Boyer. “So that if he fell backward or there was a blow to the back of his head?a serious spinal cord injury at that level could be fatal. This is a young man who should have a nice, healthy looking cervical spine and this is not a nice healthy looking cervical spine.”

Researchers discovered Tut?s spinal problem while FBI investigators were investigating the theory that he was murdered. “He lived in very turbulent times and it does seem likely from what the detectives have found out that he was assassinated,” says TV documentary producer Kate Botting. “The big question is whether it was a political assassination or someone from within his own tight circle who killed him.” If Tut was obviously deformed, he may have been assassinated because he violated the god-like image of the pharaoh.

We?ve noticed that the fiberglass sculpture of Tut has an eerie resemblance to Coast-to-Coast host Art Bell, who also has back trouble. Could Art be the reincarnation of Tut? Click on the photo to enlarge it, and decide for yourself.

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