If you have red hair, your ancestors may have beenNeanderthals. British scientists think that the gene for redhair, and the freckles that come with it, is around 100,000years old, and originated with Neanderthals. Whether or notthey interbred with Homo Sapiens, who came along later, hasalways been controversial, but since the redhead gene isstill around, this means that they did.

Planetsave.com reports that Neanderthals have beencharacterized as being slow witted,but modern research showsthis wasn?t true. They were aggressive fighters, however,and the fact that 10% of Scottish people have red hair and40% carry the redhead gene may explain why they?ve been sotough to conquer. Neanderthals finally died out about 28,000years ago.

Redheads, as well as blondes, are gradually dying out, sincetheir genes for hair color are not dominant.

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