We put them on the ground, we put them underwater–now will be put them in the clouds? There is not always enough wind blowing to turn turbines enough to create electricity, but 2,000 feet up in the air, there is three times the wind velocity than we have at ground level. Floating turbines in the sky would also solve the NIMBY problem, when people who live near them complain that they’re unsightly and block their view.

But they’ll create a new one, since airplanes will have to steer carefully around them. On the i109 website, Alasdair Wilkins quotes NASA engineer Mark Moore as saying, "They could stay up a year, then come down for a maintenance check and then go back up. Or they could be reeled in, in case of a storm. Or one operator could watch over 100 of these."

Here at unknowncountry.com, we’ve been talking about alternate energy sources for YEARS–ever since Whitley found out about climate change from the Master of the Key. Have Whitley and Anne fended off so many attacks over the years, only to die from neglect today? If you think we need to do something about the weather–before it’s too late–please support this site so we can keep on getting the word out!

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