Jordan?s Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher has told the Israeli Ambassador, David Dadonn, that ?if Israel pursues its actions against the Palestinians and does not immediately withdraw, Jordan will take measures.? He also asked the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to send an international military force to the Palestinian territories. Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994.

A Jordanian Government official says that ?breaking off diplomatic ties is a measure that Jordan will only take if it is forced to do so, because a dialogue under the current circumstances is vital and only Jordan can undertake it.? Jordan could ask the Israeli ambassador to leave the country or suspend ties with Israel.

Morocco?s King Mohamed VI has also threatened to take unspecified measures against Israel unless it pulls its troops out of Ramallah. Egypt, the first Arab country to sign a peace deal with Israel, has condemned Washington for not criticizing Israel?s assault in Ramallah. ?Admittedly, the United States cannot or does not want to put pressure on Israel, but Israel needs someone to save it from itself,? says Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher. ?I cannot imagine that the United States can stay silent in the face of these Israeli actions without saying: enough, enough, enough.?

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Yesterday Iraq TV broadcast a meeting between Saddam Hussein and several Iraqiclerics. Saddam began by praising the Palestinian attacks on Israel, saying, ?God is pleased with this [Arab] nation after its sacrifices reached the level that we see on television screens?All these signs are close to what we read about and to what Muslims expressed in early Islam. It is [good] to see the spirit of Islam restore the same brightness it used to have in early Islam after 1400 years??.

Saddam called for an all-out Arab attack on Israel and said, ?It is a disgrace for the Arabs and the believers elsewhere not to participate along with their Palestinian brothers in thisbattle, which is essentially the battle of all Arabs and the battle of all believers. It is not the battle of the Palestinians alone??.

Saddam hinted that the Arabs can use their oil as a weapon in support of the Palestinians, and said, ?The world knows and uses the language of economy?Therefore, why don?t the Arabs use this language??

On Saturday night?s Dreamland March 30th, we had an exceptional interview with William Henry about his new book, ?Ark of the Christos.? In the last half hour of this interview he delivered an absolutely extraordinary statement from the book about the hidden Bibilical reasons that the U.S. is so concerned about Saddam Hussein. You can listen to it on our Internet radio station. This part of the interview begins at 143:51 in the archived program. For simple instructions about how to navigate in our on-line programs, please see the bottom of our Internet radio station?s webpage. If you are unable to connect immediately, please be patient. This means that the archive is being heavily accessed. To reach our station, click on the green ?Listen Now? button under the word ?Dreamland? on the right hand side of the masthead at the top of our homepage. If you have trouble accessing Live 365, go to Live 365 Tech Support on the Live 365 website.

To learn what?s behind the current mideast situation, read ?The Last Days of Israel? by Barry Chamish,click here.

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