A powerful X-class solar flare erupte at 1:25 AM EDT Tuesday, causing radio blackouts across the eastern hemisphere of earth and triggering a minor radiation storm. The flare hurled a coronal mass ejection directly toward earth. This CME joins another, smaller one already heading for our planet. The CMEs will reach earth on Wedneday or Thursday.

There is an estimated 25% chance of severe geomagnetic activity, which will mean disrupted communications, possible damage to satellites, and auroras across most of the northern teir of the United States.

The sun is in a highly active period, even for a solar maximum, and Unknowncountry.com will remain alert to solar activity. At present, the largest active sunspot group is midway in its transit across the face of the star. No large new sunspot group has as yet appeared, however, a substantial coronal hole is developing, which may lead to more activity.

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