India Daily has been publishing a series of stories aboutUFO activity in that country and Indian governmentinvolvement in it. Now the paper claims that a secret debateis taking place within the Indian government about whetheror not to disclose the Indian military’s ongoing contactswith UFOs and extraterrestrials. No other source can befound for this or any other of these stories.

We have not been able to confirm any of the India Dailystories except one: during the fourth quarter of 2004, therewas military movement in the areas of the Himalayas wherethis activity is allegedly taking place. But there is noevidence that it was related to UFOs, and, unlike thesituation in Iran, there are no official comments or reportsreferring to UFO activity.

India Daily claims that because Indian society is so open,it will be difficult to keep the secret for long. If that’strue, then other news sources that are actually published inIndia are likely to pick it up. Until they do, this is thelast of these stories we will publish.

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