Newswise – Individuals may soon have an inexpensive way to learn ofvolcanic and earthquake activity from their home orbusiness. Randall Peters, professor and chairman of theDepartment of Physics atMercer University, andJames Shirley, a scientist at NASA?s Jet PropulsionLaboratory, have designed a sophisticated but inexpensiveplumb bob devicethat records seismic waves and could be used by individualsas a method of early warning. The experimentalinstrument, located in Macon, Ga., recorded theseismic waves from the December Indian Ocean earthquake thatled to the devastating tsunami.

From the arbitrarily assigned time zero at the start of therecord, just before first disturbance, it is seen that theplumb bob moved at levels above background noise for aperiod of more than two hours.

These results point to the possibility of a ‘volcaniceruption and earthquake detector for the masses.’ It wouldbe an instrument designed not to gather scientific data, butrather for the purpose of information that could have thepotential to provide a personal early warning system. Asenvisioned, such an instrument would be both inexpensive anduser friendly, yet capable of recording the larger earthevents that precede a catastrophic tsunami or a volcaniceruption such as that of Mount St. Helens in 1980.

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