First, a bizarre “drone” was seen by at least one witness and possibly photographed on a number of occasions, and now another strange craft has been spotted, leading to the question: are new forms of UFO appearing in our skies?

At 12:30AM on May 28, a number of people in Chilliwack, British Columbia, which is about 70 miles east of Vancouver, observed a strange white object with dark, straight nose-to-tail markings on it circling overhead. The object glowed, but made no sound. It was not recognizable as an airplane by the witnesses.

Local scientists, however, once again tried on the “flocks of birds” and lenticular cloud explanations, which have been stock-in-trade methods of explaining away unusual sightings for generations. But the witnesses’ description of a large “hang-glider-like object” does not seem to support such ideas. However, they do mean that, as is usual in UFO cases, there will be no serious scientific investigation of the event.

There have been many other UFOs sighted in British Columbia. In fact, it’s something of a hotbed and one of the best documented abduction cases of all time, the Corinna Saebels case, took place in the province.

The UFO observed is not like many other UFOs reported over the years, and the slowness and apparent low-level flight is also unusual. While it is impossible to determine altitude and therefore also size without triangulation, thefact the markings could be seen on the object at night suggests that it was not particularly high, or, if high, then very huge.

The object was observed near the University College of the Frazer Valley campus not far from the Chilliwack Municipal Airport, where residents are familiar with low-flyingaircraft. It was reported that it did not appear to be an airplane.

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